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Okay, so who are you? Hello Internet, my name is Anuli (pronounced Ah-noo-lee). I am a woman of many nicknames, a die-hard crafter, lifetime learner, and wannabe Spice Girl. In case you’re into this kind of stuff I’m also a Virgo (Aug.26) and an INFJ.

So, what do you do? Ugh, that’s such a typical icebreaker question. Professionally, I work in public relations. I am also a freelance writer and moonlight as a Gladiator. Shoutout to my fellow “Scandal” fans.

Where’s your name from? My name is Nigerian (Igbo) for “joy.”

What’s the whole “aka” thing about? I don’t think anyone has acquired as many nicknames in their lifetime as I have. Some of my nicknames are NuNu, Bumblebee, Nuli, Noolz, and Latriena. The reason I have so many nicknames is because I have an “unusual/unique” name and people give me nicknames to help them remember/pronounce it. I’d also like to think the quantity of a person’s nicknames positively correlates to their innate awesomeness. Oh, “aka” is also the first three letters of my last name, so there’s that.

What’s this blog about? Well, to be honest it’s more about me than it is about you. It’s my creative space and my little corner of the Internet. This website is a place to share my thoughts and cool findings on life as a twenty-something, technology, and pop-culture. Plus, the occasional DIY project and how-to because I love that stuff. Really just whatever I feel like talking about. If you like surprises then this site’s for you. If not, then learn to like surprises because I’ve got some good ones.

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Photo by Coleman Stills.

Sidebar drawing by Sam Lindenfeld.

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