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5 Ways to Look Put Together in a Flash

It is morning and you’ve just woken up. The sun is shining and birds are chirping Cinderella-style. That is, until you realize that you’re late because your alarm clock never rang. Or, maybe it did ring and you pressed the snooze button three too many times. Or, maybe you forgot to set your alarm altogether. Who cares what happened because here’s what it is: you’re late for work and you need to get your life together.

Here are some tips for looking put together when you’ve overslept. Hey, if you’re going to be late at least be fashionably late.

Admittedly, some of these may not help you if you’re currently in a tizzy (you’re on your own, kid), but will definitely help you the next time you oversleep (seriously,what is your life?).

1. Keep a few “break in case of emergency” outfits in your closet.

I like to keep a few go-to outfits in my closet at all times. These are usually simple, wrinkle-free dresses that are easy to throw on and quickly accessorize. You may be tempted to wear these on a regular day, but try to keep them for times when you’re in a bind, so you never have to complain that you have nothing to wear.


(via A Lacey Perspective)

2. Brighten up your eyes with a nude or white eyeliner.

Using a nude or white eyeliner right at your waterline will instantly make you look more awake. Awake now? Okay, check out these additional quick beauty tips.


(via Total Beauty)

 3. Keep your eyebrows groomed.

I believe that if your eyebrows look good then you look good. Whoever told you that the bold eyebrow trend is over is a bold-faced liar with bad brows. Don’t believe me? Just look at these celebs with no eyebrows. I get my brows done by the lovely people over at Benefit. I highly recommend.


Take a look at my “Beautiful Brows” pin board for some brow inspiration. 

4. Organize your purse, organize your life.

Pack your work bag the night before, so you can grab it and go in the morning. These purse organization tips from blogger Chelsea of Two Twenty One should help get you where you need to go.


(via Bloomingdales)

5. Smile!

Don’t give me that look. Seriously, just smile. Smiling releases endorphins and as Elle Woods once said, “Endorphins make you happy and happy people just don’t kill their husbands. They just don’t.” Leave your RBF at home today, make the best of your “lateness” and don’t let anyone see you sweat. Confidence looks good on you, babe.


You’re late and that’s okay because at least you look put together and not like a disheveled mess. At least you can fake like you have your act together. But, just don’t make a habit of being late because that’s not a good look.

Seventeen Sporty Chic Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe Right Now

It’s time to channel your inner Sporty Spice because the sporty chic look is back in a big way! Top designers like Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs, Tracy Reese and Karl Lagerfeld looked to the sports world for inspiration for their Spring 2014 collections. The result is a fusion of feminine looks with a masculine edge that can be just as comfortable as they are elegant.

While workout wear may not be in your company’s dress code I’ve selected seventeen style staples you can incorporate into your wardrobe to jump on the sporty chic trend.

Leather Cap

1. ASOS Leather Cap ($34.30): Heads up! Let’s start up top with a leather baseball cap. The leather adds a dose of high-style to the traditional baseball cap.

varsity jacket

2. Varsity Zip-Front Jacket ($79.99): You may not have been a varsity athlete in high school, but you can still look like one with a letterman jacket.

wedge sneakers

3. Dunk Sky Hi Sneakers ($150.00): These black grained-leather and snakeskin-print leather sneakers are sure to take your look to the next level.

4. Muscle Tee ($13.50): Show a lil muscle and support your favorite team in style by rocking a team-centric tank.

varsity clutch
5. Back in the Day Clutch ($28.00): This letterman-inspired clutch features “1993” patches embroidered onto a jersey fabric casing. Perfect accessory to wear to brunch or to the big game.

6. Nation Two Part Chunky Sandals ($65.00): Cleated soles add a sporty edge to these colorful and chunky sandals.

7. DKNY Floral-Print Sweatshirt ($87.00): A graphic sweatshirt is an easy way to get in on the sporty chic trend. Dress it up with trousers or dress it down with jeans. Either way you’ll look like a winner.

8. Perforated Backpack ($68.00): Tote your belongings around town in a modern and cool perforated backpack.

9. Sport Mesh Nuri Ponte ($69.50): Mesh inserts are an easy way to incorporate a sporty edge into your look. This body-con skirt features sheer mesh detailing at the hemline.

10. Mesh-Trimmed Heathered Sweatshirt Dress ($138.00): Comfy, cozy and oh so chic! This heathered sweatshirt dress can be dressed up with heels or dressed down with sneakers.

11. Banana Leaf Joggers ($44.00): No need to break a sweat wearing these graphic joggers because your friends will be running to you to ask wear you got them.

12. 84 Box Clutch ($59.90): Bold numbers add a modern twist to the classic box clutch. Perfect for sitting court-side or for a night out on the town.

13. Abstract Scuba Knit Dress ($24.80): Make a splash with a scuba knit dress! The abstract pattern will show off your playful side and the black panels will show off your curves in the best possible way.

14. Baseball Button Up ($85.00): Hit a fashion home run with this baseball button-up designed by Dimepiece.

15. Drover Heel ($59.98): Mesh detail and a pop of color make these sky-high heels a glam take on the sporty chic trend.

16. Women’s Adidas Originals Borboflora Tank ($35.00): A colorful and bold floral pattern brings a new school spunk to the old-school sports tank.

17. Baseball Mirror Jacket ($238.00): Let’s finish off with this beautifully detailed baseball mirror jacket designed by Maison Scotch. Get a load of that embroidered and sequin detail.

Going sporty chic this season? Tell me how you plan to tackle this trend in the comments section. 

Anuli About Town: Vintage Garage Flea Market

Vintage Garage is a Chicago flea market held monthly in an Uptown parking garage. The market held its season opener on Sunday featuring vintage odds and ends from 100 Midwestern vintage dealers.

As a lover of flea markets and exploring the unknown I made my way over to Vintage Garage to check out their goods. vintage1 vintage2 vintage3 vintage4 vintage7 vintage6 vintage5 vintage9 vintage11 vintage12 vintage13 vintage14 vintage15 vintage16 vintage19 vintage18 vintage17                   
Of course I had to take some goodies home. Check out that beaded collar, evil eye bracelet and that 3-piece mod flower luggage set. Super fly! vintage10 vintage8
Missed Sunday’s season opener? Check out the 2014 dates and themes below. 

  • May 18th:  Mid Century
  • June 15th: Record Ramp
  • July 20th: Rockabilly and Tiki
  • August 17th: Refound Art
  • September 21st:  1984
  • October:  19th Record Ramp

I’m super honored and happy to be featured in this week’s Independent Fashion Bloggers’ “Links a la Mode Weekly Roundup” with my post “Why Don’t You…Write a Letter.”

Sit back, relax and check out some fresh content from around the web!

10 ‘Beyonce’ Inspired Products You Can Buy on Etsy
Fashion Films: Diana Ross Stars in ‘Mahogany’

‘Mahogany’ is one of my favorite fashion-themed movies of all time. In the film Diana Ross plays Tracy Chambers, a sales clerk from Chicago who dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Not only are the fashions fabulous, but the theme song is beautiful and bound to stuck in your head. And, of course Billy Dee Williams is in it. Billy Dee was bae back in the 1970s and many would argue that he’s still bae.

For your viewing pleasure I present to you Diana Ross in ‘Mahogany.’ Yes, the FULL MOVIE. Thank me later.

No time to watch right now? Bookmark this page and take a gander at some of the fabulous fashions from the movie below:





Anuli about Town: 50 Years of Ebony Fashion Fair

When I first moved to Chicago last July I set my sights on attending the Ebony Fashion Fair exhibit at the Chicago History Museum. The exhibit opened in March 2013 and was slated to end in early-January 2014. I live down the street from the Chicago History Museum, so this should have been an easy activity to cross-off my “to-do” list.

Summer turned into fall then fall turned into winter and I still hadn’t visited the museum. It wasn’t until I was running some errands in Old Town over the weekend that I was inspired to finally check out the exhibit. Better late then never.

I genuinely believe that everything happens for a reason and that I was meant to visit the museum when I did. Here’s why: I was shopping at Greer Chicago when one of the customers showed me magnets that she bought from the Chicago History Museum after checking out the Ebony Fashion Fair exhibit earlier in the day. The magnet set featured illustrations of models from the show. Since I am in the beginning stages of developing a magnet collection for my fridge I immediately wanted to get some magnets of my own. She then told me that the exhibit was supposed to end that day, but had been extended to May 2014. Praise him!

So, I thought, “Okay, cool. I’ve got time to check it out another day.” But, then I thought, “Why not today?” I was literally a block away and wasn’t in a big hurry to go home, so off to the museum I finally went. Unlike the majority of museums in Washington, DC, museums in Chicago cost money. “This is totally going to be worth it,” I said to myself in the valley-girl voice I only reserve for my inner-most thoughts.

I trudged in the snow down the street to the museum and walked up to the front desk. I then scanned for the ticket prices and noticed that they had adult prices and student prices. I gamely asked to buy a student ticket despite the fact I graduated from college last May . I thought to myself in my best Sheree Whitfield voice, “Who gonna check me, boo?”

The concierge was about to swipe my debit card when he paused and said, “Oh, the museum is free today.” Oh, what’s this? Are those angels I hear? Then he said, “There’s a tour of the Ebony Fashion Fair exhibit that is going to start in a minute if you want to join. The tour guide is one of the people who helped create the exhibit.” Do you believe in miracles? I do.

I booked it upstairs just in time for the tour to begin. I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of the exhibit, but let me tell you that what I saw was fashion at its finest. What Eunice Johnson and the Ebony team created during the 50 years of the Ebony Fashion Fair was nothing short of LEGEND…wait for it….DARY. I could sit here and pontificate more on the exhibit, but why not  share some informative videos about the history of the Ebony Fashion Fair show instead? Look below for 50 Years of Ebony Fashion Fair goodness:


Oh, and in case you’re wondering: Yes, I bought a magnet for my collection as well as the book “Inspiring Beauty: 50 Years of Ebony Fashion Fair.”

The  “50 Ebony Fashion Fair: Inspiring Beauty” exhibit will be featured at the Chicago History Museum until May 11, 2014. After that the word on the street is that the show will travel across America. Fingers crossed that it will visit a town near you!

Featured Image via Chicago Style Events.

Anuli about Town: Cheeky Chicago & #NMBeauty Present “Get Your Beauty On”

Back in Washington, DC I spent a fair amount of my nights going to different fashion and beauty events around the city. Anywhere that offered free cupcakes and champagne was good in my book. Gotta love it!

Last Thursday, I went to my first Chicago beauty event. The “Get Your Beauty On” event was hosted by lifestyle website Cheeky Chicago at the Neiman Marcus off Michigan Avenue.  Guests were treated to champagne, treats, makeovers, hair-styling and $20 Neiman Marcus giftcards to use in Neiman Marcus’ new first floor cosmetics department.

DJ Mister Wolf  supplied a fantastic mix of tunes. I wouldn’t call myself an audiophile just a person with ears that likes nice sounds. And, boy was he nice one the ones and twos. I also had the pleasure of meeting AstroWifey, nail artist and founder of Tipsy Zine. who hooked me up with a cute evil-eye design on my nails. She really is an artist and nails are truly her canvas. If you are in Chicago and dig nail art you should definitely go to Tipsy Zine’s party night at Beauty Bar Chicago.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself at Cheeky Chicago’s “Get Your Beauty On” event. Wish you were there! I guess you’ll just have to live vicariously through me and my photos. Scroll below for some instant FOMO.


Cheeky Chicago founders, Erica Bethe Levin and Jessica Zweig during an on-camera interview.

Cheeky Chicago founders, Erica Bethe Levin and Jessica Zweig during an on-camera interview.

My friend Deena getting beautified by a YSL makeup artist. We’re fancy. *pinkies up*

My friend Deena getting beautified by a YSL makeup artist. We’re fancy. *pinkies up*

I love candid moments. These ladies were checking out the flipbook they made at “Get Your Beauty On."

I love candid moments. These ladies were checking out the flipbook they made at “Get Your Beauty On.”

Guests getting their hair done. Sounded like there was some juicy gossip in this group, but I just snapped the picture and then went about my business.

Guests getting their hair done. Sounded like there was some juicy gossip in this group, but I just snapped the picture and then went about my business.

It was nice meeting Amelia from The Chicago Life blog ( Yellow is one of my favorite colors so of course I loved her yellow dress!

It was nice meeting Amelia from The Chicago Life blog ( Yellow is one of my favorite colors so of course I loved her yellow dress!

AstroWifey doing what she does best at “Get Your Beauty On.”

AstroWifey doing what she does best at “Get Your Beauty On.”

It was great meeting the crew from SoMe Social Media Services (  Check out Digital Marketing Associate, Arianna Green getting her nails done by the one and only, AstroWifey.

It was great meeting the crew from SoMe Social Media Services ( Check out Digital Marketing Associate, Arianna Green getting her nails done by the one and only, AstroWifey.

AstroWifey is an artist and nails are her canvas!

AstroWifey is an artist and nails are her canvas!

Mister Wolf had me jamming during the event with his top-notch mixes.

Mister Wolf had me jamming during the event with his top-notch mixes.

Sweet treats at “Get Your Beauty On."

Sweet treats at “Get Your Beauty On.”

Hey, if this teapot handle pose works for Kim Kardashian then why can’t it work for me, right?

Hey, if this teapot handle pose works for Kim Kardashian then why can’t it work for me, right?


“Vogue Africa” by Mario Epanya

Vogue magazine currently boasts nineteen international editions and plans to release a twentieth edition, Vogue Thailand, in 2013. In 2010, photographer Mario Epanya created magazine covers for what he imagined a possible “Vogue Africa” to look like. The release of the images sparked debate on the neccessity of a “Vogue Africa.” While Vogue publishes editions in countries from five out of the seven continents it has yet to produce any editions in the continent of Africa.


This month, the fashion industry drew attention back to Africa again in hopes to discuss the future of the continent. Suzy Menkes penned an article for the International Herald Tribune entitled “Rebranding Africa” which discussed Franca Sozzani’s decision to dedicate the May/June issue of L’Uomo Vogue to the continent.

While I believe that wanting to create a “Vogue Africa” and sparking discussion regarding “Rebranding Africa” are admirable I would like to point out just one thing: Africa is not a country.

People discuss Africa as if its problems can be solved like those of any other country, ignoring the fact that Africa is a continent made up of literally thousands of ethnic groups. My family hails from Nigeria which is considered Africa’s most populous country and alone is comprised of more than 250 ethnic groups. To create just one magazine in order  to represent such a large continent is insulting because it would be impossible for such a publication to truly capture the essence and the distinctive qualities of the continent’s 54 countries.

Similar to the problems with America’s education system, we are trying to use the same cut and dry methods across the board to solve the individual problems of people with dissimilar needs and characteristics.

I am not saying that the fashion industry (or any industry for that matter) should ignore its African consumers, but  they should respect the consumers enough to distinguish them from one another.

There is one common thread that connects the current international editions of Vogue. It is that each edition is focused on one country. There is no “Vogue Asia,” “Vogue South America,” or “Vogue Europe,” but there is a Vogue China, a Vogue Brazil, and a Vogue Germany (just to name a few). To create these international editions Vogue chose markets that they thought were profitable enough to run a successful publication. Instead of trying to “rebrand Africa” as a fashion capital the fashion industry should choose a few countries to highlight such as Nigeria or South Africa which are among the 10 countries that account for 75% of the continent’s GDP. The industry should then create publications that speak to the needs of each country’s citizens. For example, with a population that is half made up of muslims, a Nigerian publication would need to address different issues than a South African publication.

Instead of grouping all the countries together as if trying to create “A United States of Africa”  the fashion industry should respect the continent enough to treat its individual countries as just that, individual countries.

While there may never be a “Vogue Africa” why can’t there be a “Vogue Nigeria” or a “Vogue South Africa” to start off? I don’t believe in big reforms, but I do believe that strategic small changes can make for a big difference. In order to “rebrand Africa” we must first try to understand the distinct qualities of its individual countries.

(“Vogue Africa” Photo Credit: Mario Epanya)






There is an old adage that says, “You can tell a man by his shoes.” Now, I don’t know how old this saying is, but single women have been touting this piece of advice for years.

This saying has been interpreted in several different ways over time. There are people who believe that if a man’s shoes are scuffed or dirty then he doesn’t care about his shoes and therefore won’t put care into his relationships.

Another school of thought categorizes men by the type of shoes they wear. A man is presumed to be bohemian if he wears Birkenstocks and athletic if he maintains a wardrobe of sneakers.

Personally, I don’t go around categorizing men by their shoes. Walking around with your head only looking down can lead to a lot of accidents. Not only is there a potential of getting hit by a car because you are not paying attention, but there is a high potential of misinterpreting a man’s personality by the shoes on his feet. Who knows if the “bohemian” sporting the Birkenstocks is a major player on Wall Street or if the sneakerhead’s shoes are so clean because he’s never actually worn them on any type of court?


Every year since 1985 people of all ages have bombarded shoe stores worldwide clamoring to get their hands on a pair of Jordans. Not only have these shoes become a fashion statement, but they have become a cultural statement of both individuality and conformity.

The shoe’s namesake, basketball star and businessman, Michael Jordan was fined by the National Basketball Association (NBA) when he first stepped onto the court wearing the now iconic sneakers. In fact, he was initially fined $5000 every time he played wearing the shoes. Despite the fines he wore the sneakers in the 1986 playoffs against the Boston Celtics where he scored a playoff high of 63 points.

It is safe to say that this made consumers more keen on trying to, “be like Mike.”

The release of Jordans resulted in a cultural shift in which sneakers became a symbol of status. When the Air Jordan I was released in 1985 they became the most expensive sneakers on the market at $65. Since then the price of a pair of Jordans has grown to cost an upwards of $200.

Despite the fact that our country is currently suffering hard economic times people still lined up yesterday to purchase a pair (or two) of Air Jordan 2011 Concords. First released in 1995, the Air Jordan “Concord” marked Michael Jordan’s comeback to the NBA after his first retirement. A pair of Air Jordan 2011 Concords runs for $180, which makes them some very expensive grapes in my book.

If the old adage of judging a man by his shoes is true then what can we say about a man who boasts a closet full of Jordans? Can you infer that the man is financially stable? Having met many guys that complain about various financial woes, but have no problem dropping serious cash on a pair of sneakers I’d say no. Is the man athletic? I remember boys in middle school who may have had shoes like Mike, but that’s as far as their athletic prowess went. Buying Michael Jordan’s shoes is one thing, but having his talent is another. Are clean shoes an indicator of a good man? Not necessarily. I’ve met guys who spend hours carefully cleaning their Jordan collections with a toothbrush and a bucket of soapy water. Unfortunately, the care they put into maintaining their shoes does not always equate to the care they put into maintaining their relationships.

While I do not subscribe to the belief that a man should be judged solely by his shoes I do agree that a man’s choice of shoes says a few things about him.

There are always reasons behind the choices we make when it comes to our outward appearance because fashion is a form of iconography, which we all use to express ourselves as individuals.  A man that lines up to purchase a new pair of Jordans each year is expressing his desire to both stand out and fit in.

Air Jordans are known for their unique designs and vibrant colorways. Wearers of the sneakers want to stand out from the crowd, or at the very least be noticed. It’s one of the reasons people waited hours in line to purchase the limited edition Concords. To some men nothing says style like matching your hat with your shirt and your Jordans. It is the shoes that say, “Look at me, I have style and money.” However, just as much as the shoes are bought to stand out, they are purchased so that its wearers can fit in. When a man matches his hat with his shirt and his Jordans he’s also saying, “Look at me, I’m just like you.” If pop culture has taught us anything it is that all it takes to turn someone from “geek to chic” is a new wardrobe because nothing says “I belong” more than wearing the new “It” item.

Humans are complex creatures. We seek to stand out, but also need to feed our desire to fit in. The overwhelming popularity of Air Jordans represent that.

(FEATURED IMAGE: Mike Bindrup)