Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough

You can say that I’m living the dream. It has been a year since graduation and in that year I’ve moved to Chicago to work for the world’s top public relations agency. I live in a one-bedroom apartment in a beautiful neighborhood. I pay my own bills (including school loans). I’ve made fantastic friends. I […]


Things to Consider When Apartment Hunting

As I write this one of my favorite HGTV shows, For Rent, is playing in the background. It is more than appropriate since this post is about my recent experience apartment hunting in Chicago. According to HGTV’s website, host Jodi Gilmour “guides desperate but hopeful renters to a home that fits their budget.” I would certainly place myself […]



You know you have finally made it when people stop asking you what you want to be when you grow up. Since I am asked that question on a regular basis it is very safe to say that I haven’t made it…yet. That question is certainly more than a handful. No really, it’s ten words. […]